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We assist in resolving family break-up for 2 main groups:

1.  Those at the outset of family break-up who are unaware and unprepared for divorce, its journey and consequences;

2. Those already on their divorce journey either as a litigant-in-person or unhappy with the service provided by their solicitors and want a second opinion

“More than 1 in 5 clients who have experienced a relationship breakdown were unhappy with their solicitor’s performance owing to excessive charging , delays or sheer incompetence according to government –commissioned research’’ (Law Society Gazette). & its founder 

Founder Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart is a matrimonial solicitor with extensive experience and expertise in family law and relationships. was previously known as Divorce & Family Law Information Service. 


Sheela witnessed many traumatic family break-ups.  Not surprisingly, people have little understanding of what divorce or separation involves and are totally unaware and unprepared for the myriad of challenges they face before they embark upon divorce and separation. These include:

*the complexities of family law and the legal process

*crippling costs

*the emotional and traumatic experience

*the acrimony and bitterness

* repercussions on the family.

Many clients also unwittingly go down the expensive path of divorce and the legal process and once on that path, it is difficult to halt proceedings. 


After the bruising divorce experience which many clients regret, they say:

‘I wish I had taken more care to be better informed at the outset of my break-up to find ways to either work harder at my marriage or sought the right information and prepared for divorce in a more considered and amicable manner.

‘I wish I had a ‘helping hand’ at the early stages of break-up to review and identify what steps could have been taken to achieve an amicable settlement and avoid the traumatic and costly divorce process’.


#iFamiliesuk is meeting a vital need; The ‘helping hand’ to Empower and steady the rocking boat of family break-up

-If break-up is inevitable, people want professional practical straight-forward answers to myriad of questions to make informed decisions on their situation that will not prejudice them before embarking on the divorce journey:

Solicitors are not usually the first port of call. Most turn to a family members,  friends or the worldwide web to search for answers first and are disappointed at the limited help from family or friends who are not lawyers. The internet is awash with information but often does not specifically answer their specific concerns as every family has different facts and challenges.

Couples breaking up are clearly disadvantaged by the lack of professional user-friendly service providing them with specific answers on their situation.



iFamiliesuk was set up to meet this need at a time when you are facing uncertainty about the future and give you the peace of mind you need.


“Sheela has continued to support me through the process, including discussing issues that have arisen with my legal team to enable me to have confidence in the legal system. Without her support, I would have found the whole process bewildering. I am wholeheartedly indebted to her for her complete professionalism” – Dr J, GP

“Sheela has been absolutely outstanding from the moment I met her. She is extremely empathetic with an enormous capacity for emotional and legal support. I first sought her advice at the first sign of impending separation. She grasped the understanding of my situation immediately and provided all the vital information and insight I needed to understand the divorce process and financial implications in a very methodical and succinct way.”


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