Our Unique Service

*A confidential consultation service with family lawyer Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart to guide you through the divorce process until conclusion as harmoniously as possible.

*At the start of your family break-up or after you have instructed solicitors but are unhappy with them and need a second opinion.

Empowering you

*answering  your legal, practical or other specific questions .

*evaluating and exploring your divorce exit strategy in the most amicable way, where possible.

*working on good relationship-management with your partner and children during the divorce process.

*resolving your disputes more quickly and in a more flexible and less formal setting.

 Peace of mind

* A helping hand to ‘steady the rocky boat of family break-up’ and peace of mind during this anxious and uncertain time.

* We pride ourselves on building a good rapport with our clients and we keep in regular touch with them.


It is not true that to be divorced, a solicitor is needed to help the parties and they need to go to Court. This is not the case.  

The are other ways to resolve a divorce using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods:

a) Mediation

Using an independent and neutral third party meditator ( a family solicitor) to help you and your partner reach settlement out of court. Both parties will represent themselves at mediation. If settlement is reached amicably, both parties will need a solicitor to help them with the legalities of getting a divorce consent order setting out the agreed terms


b) Arbitration

Parties appoint an arbitrator, who will make a final and binding decision for the parties, on any financial and property disputes or some child-related issues arising from family relationships.


c) Collaborative process

parties appoint a solicitor and all four sit down and resolve the divorce without going to court.


Many clients don’t want to use solicitors as it is cost-prohibitive and worry that solicitors exacerbate the acrimony of the divorcing parties.

So, some clients choose to act for themselves during the divorce process and they can do so in several ways using:

a) Mediation i.e. using an independent third party meditator generally a family solicitor to help you and your partner reach settlement out of court;

b) Litigation through the family courts, if and when mediation and alternative methods of settling their divorce fails.

But IF you choose solicitors to act for you

either  to:

*negotiate your divorce (outside court settlement) or

*deal with your divorce and settlement through the Family Courts

So, if you choose to act for yourself or

Our service is unique. We don’t believe there is any service offering what we do.


Having witnessed the damage divorce can do to families through endless litigation through courts and crippling solicitors costs, we believe that minimum damage will be done to family relationships if couples are willing to seek impartial, independent help to focus on achieving an amicable settlement very early on at the start of family break-up and help the parties understand the importance of doing so.

iFamiliesuk are best placed to offer that help as you will receive a good understanding of the complexities of family law and the divorce process, the possible outcomes and its good management. We will also discuss what are the best ways for you to achieve your goal in your families best interest.

Whatever route you wish to choose to divorce and reach settlement, we will support and help you along the way.

IF you choose solicitors to act for you and lead you in the divorce process

either  to:

*negotiate your divorce (outside court settlement) or

*deal with your divorce and settlement through the Family Courts

It is still important for you to see us because we can offer you an insight, guide to divorce, its process and management that solicitors rarely provide you.


The choice is yours:

Whichever route you choose, either at the outset of your family breakyou want a second opinion or you are unhappy with your solicitors handling of your case, iFamiliesuk can help you.


by coming to talk to us , you will GAIN THE following ADVANTAGES: 

1. Knowledge

A clear, concise understanding of complex area of family law and divorce and its workings including helping you to ;

  • identify the main legal, financial and practical issues affecting your family e.g. your rights, options, the legal process, grounds for divorce, financial settlement issues, and access to and custody of children;
  • understand the short, medium and long term possible outcomes and consequences of your break-up and divorce, and what that means for you, your partner an your children.


2. Smart, Strategic Planning and Preparation

We want to help you resolve your divorce amicably. To this end, we will suggest practical, proactive, settlement-focussed strategies and solutions to help you reduce conflict and bitterness , where possible.

This includes:

  • Exploring the best route to settlement e.g. mediation, collaborative law, instructing lawyers or even doing it yourself;
  • Identifying your particular issues/challenges ranging from:
    • Working out the finances
    • Who needs what in a settlement whilst being realistic about what is desirable and achievable
    • Possible financial and children settlement scenarios/outcomes
    • Legal and other costs
    • Time scales and expectations
    • Access and contact issues including ensuring cultivation of good will and peace for the sake of kids children
    • Avoiding adversarial exchanges
    • Helping you navigate through the complexities of the legal system, if required


3. Resolve your disputes swiftly in a more flexible and less formal setting than the courts


4. Control of your case and Cost savings

By using us, we help you to control your divorce because once armed with the relevant information, you can often minimise and save crippling legal costs, should you decide to act for yourself or instruct lawyers.


4. Referral to solicitors and other experts, if required 

We don’t operate a traditional solicitors role by acting for you in a divorce. We see our role as active facilitators of harmonious family break-ups .

If after meeting with us, you decide you would prefer to use solicitors to act for you, we will. if required, make recommendation and referral to reputable sources of other expert help and assistance including reputable solicitors and mediat

Even after intstructing solicitors, many clients come back to see us afterwards to get a second opinion from us as we build relationships of trust with our clients.

5. A sounding board and  a second opinion

Many clients are unhappy with their solicitors’ handling of their case and the high costs raked up and come to ask us for help to give them a second opinion on amicable resolution of their case.

More than 1 in 5 clients who have experienced a relationship breakdown were unhappy with their solicitor’s performance owing to excessive charging, delays or sheer incompetence according to government – commissioned research” (Law Society Gazette).


How to contact us at iFamiliesuk

  1. It is very simple and straightforward. Please request an appointment on the Contact Page where you can call or email Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart.
  2. Once we receive your request for an appointment, we will ask you to complete a Questionnaire before coming to see us. We will then suggest some alternative dates to meet either face to face or over the telephone.
  3. The consultation will usually last 1.5 hours for a fixed introductory fee. If the consultation takes longer than 1.5 hours, then an hourly rate will be applied for the time taken over and above the 1.5 hours. But we are very transparent and very conscious of keeping your costs to a minimum.


Letting our clients do the talking…..

team 1

Mrs S, accountant

“I could not have done it without Sheela’s help. She helped me to settle my divorce amicably and by doing so, I have been able to pay for my son’s private school fees by not spending it on legal fees’. ‘ Seeing her after the break-up was the most productive and useful thing I did. Sheela has been a god-send.”

team 1

Mr A, entrepreneur

“My solicitors did not give me a detailed explanation, case analysis or prepare me for the divorce process like Sheela did. I did not understand their strategy, so I went back to Sheela to get a second opinion. I am so glad I did because Sheela immediately put things into perspective clearly explaining things to me.”

team 1

Mr B, doctor

“Sheela is a user-friendly ‘walking encyclopaedia’ on family law giving me a ‘bird’s eye view’ of divorce and what it entails. I have benefited hugely from seeing her.”

team 1

Mrs K, businesswoman

“Sheela analysed and explained my complex case in very simple but clear terms. By the time I went to see my solicitors, I already had the vital perspective I needed. I also saved on legal costs as I was not constantly asking my solicitors to explain things to me as Sheela had done such a good job doing so.”

team 1

Mrs Y, mother

“After chatting to Sheela and discovering that on divorce, I would end up with only a very small share of the assets and income, I decided to work harder at my marriage. Talking to Sheela was hugely beneficial because I now know what I am legally entitled to and I have made my decision based on relevant information and perspective.”

team 1

Mr F, restauranter

“Sheela’s approachable and relaxed manner has helped enormously. I felt very comfortable talking to her about my marriage problems which I have not found easy to do. It is so refreshing to meet her because she gave me vital information about strategizing my divorce and helping me to navigate the family law minefield and forms.”

team 1

Mrs L, teacher

“I am very grateful to Sheela for helping me to identify the non-legal help I needed to repair my marriage and improve matters for my family as a whole as I was undergoing such a great emotional crisis and found it difficult to do so. I now feel much stronger mentally, emotionally and physically about dealing with my marriage problems.”
team 1
Mr O, entrepreneur
“Many people tend to come and talk to us right at the outset of family break-up and before approaching a lawyer.But we also see many people including clients who return to talk to us even after they have instructed lawyers, to get a second opinion from us.”

Please note Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart/ is operating as a unique matrimonial consultancy service and not operating as a solicitor’s practice.